Channeling Your Inner Ameera

by Cindy Chen

Ameera translates to "Princess, Chief, and Leader" in the Arabic language. We believe in extracting this powerful energy and inputting it into our designs. We want to help women find pieces that make them feel powerful and confident. 

The conversation of modest fashion is blooming around the fashion community. In this article, we will be discussing why modest fashion is empowering for women. Keep reading to learn more. 

Dressing In A Modest Fashion Is A Personal Choice

The definition of empowerment, according to Oxford Dictionary is, “The act of giving somebody more control over their own life or the situation they are in.” Rather than aiming to please others, modest fashion emphasizes self-expression. It is up to the individual on how they want to dress. 

People often assume that modest fashion is boring or oppressive, but it does not have to be boring and is not oppressive since women choose how to dress for themselves. Our goal is to help women realize they don't have to compromise modesty when you find staple garments to wear. 

We craft our clothing for everyone to wear, regardless of their faith. We put an emphasis on modesty, but also focus on comfort, style, and quality so women can feel great about what they're wearing.

Channeling Your Inner Ameera

We are an inclusive company and want our customers to wear our clothing however they want. That is empowerment. 

We aim to change and challenge the typical fashion beauty standards. Our garments are each crafted with our brand’s philosophy in mind, and that modesty, sustainability, style, and comfort are not mutually exclusive. 

So be the princess, chief, leader, boss, mom, sister, wife, educator, advocate that you were born to be. Keep your head up. Lend a helping hand as much as possible. Strive towards the best version of yourself.  

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