From the Founder

Named after myself not narcissistically, Ameera embodies everything I want my brand to be. It is ironic because I used to dislike my name. I remember my tennis coach, Nicole, mentioned how much she loved my name and its unique meaning.

Undecided on my name at birth, my parents eventually chose "Ameera" which means princess, chief, noble, kind and leader, in Arabic.

Accepting my name was a turning point. Like many ethnic children, I was afraid to share my culture with others out of fear that it would highlight my differences. Fashion became my means of self expression, an opportunity to silently be myself or whoever I felt like being that day.

I am fascinated by the ability to transport oneself through time. I can be a star in a 70s western or embody a misses 60s all through silhouettes, fabrics, and colors. Clothes to me aren't material things. They are companions that enable us to share a part of ourselves with the world and in the process discover our true selves.

Because I view clothes as companions, I am always keen on having less. It is never about catching up with trends. It is about a versatile wardrobe that I can manipulate to match my mood each day.

I curated a small but mighty wardrobe that is now my inspiration for my designs. The challenge with my wardrobe was that I was never 100% satisfied with my options. They were lacking a very important component of my style. Modesty.

As a Muslim American-Egyptian woman, I value modest dressing. The preconceived notion is that modest dressing needs to be boring. Due to this, I never found clothes that were modest and stylish. I compromised one or the other. I knew I had to change this. That is the primary mission of Ameera, to create clothes that are modest and stylish without compromise.

Just because our designs stem with modest dressers in mind, doesn't mean that they aren't for everyone. As I mentioned, I want to design clothes that are so stylish anyone would want to wear them- regardless of how covered you prefer to be.

Our clothes are your companions that will create memories with you and let you be the star of your own movie.