Is Tom Brady Unknowingly Eating Like the Prophet Pbuh?

by Ameera Hammouda

The notorious G.O.A.T Tom Brady isn't only famous for his football skills. His obscure diet has racked up a lot of noise as well. We're taught from a young age, that all vegetables are good for you.
But Tom, Tom has told us otherwise. I questioned his judgement. But also couldn't help but realize the man is 44 but seems to have the energy and appearance of a twenty-something in their prime
That, and I couldn't help but notice the parallels between Tom Brady's diet and the Prophetic Sunnah diet.
After dealing with my own health issues I've seeked answers. I turned to what I know to be most true, the Quran and Sunnah. With this, I discovered something called TIM.
TIM stands for traditional Islamic medicine. It talks a lot about the way the Prophet Muhammad pbuh used to eat.
I've spent the past four years scrupulously reading on health. Including everything from TIM to Tom Brady's diet. And I happened to notice A LOT, more than enough, similarities that had me thinking.
Is Tom Brady eating according to the Sunnah? Let's compare.

1. The Controversial Eggplant

Eggplant is a vegetable. vegetables are good. Eggplants are good. That is how 90% of the world thinks-right?
Tom Brady doesn't include nightshade vegetables in his diet. "[Tom] doesn't eat nightshades, because they're not anti-inflammatory," says Campbell. "So no tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplants. ... They cause inflammation."
There is no direct hadith(statement) from the Prophet pbuh that recommends avoiding eggplant. But, a book, "Medicines Of The Prophet", states:
"Eggplant increases black bile(inflammatory bile) and when eaten can cause piles, clogs and even cancer." 
Eggplants are beloved by many. So this news may be hard to swallow.

2. Fruits Stand Alone

The prophet Muhammed pbuh's Aunnah incorporated a lot of fruit. Muslims observing Ramadan are even recommended to break fast with a date. Yet, the way fruit is interacted with is a very similar to the way Tom Brady incorporates fruit into his diet-even if only on occasion.
In a YouTube interview with Tom he discussed his restrictions when it came to eating fruits. Tom "avoids mixing fruit with other foods" for digestive reasons.
For the SAME reasons it is recommend in the Sunnah that fruit be eaten alone. The reason is that fruit breaks down the quickest of all foods. Keenist explains this phenomenon the best:
"Fruit combined with other food sticks in the digestive system along with the other slower digesting foods (protein and starches) and begins to ferment and disrupt the digestion of all the foods in the gut. This is a nightmare for your tummy, and quickly becomes one for you too as it inevitability leads to gas, bloating, and other uncomfortable effects. It's a bummer because I know you think you are being healthy by opting for fruit salad for dessert, but instead a healthy meal followed by fruit actually acidifies the whole meal and causes trouble in your intestines."
If you think you're being healthy by adding fruit into your meals, try again. Try to consume fruit alone, as your first meal or snack and thank us later. We've tried this, and it a made a significant difference.

3. Meat as a “Condiment”

The prophet Muhammad pbuh referred to meat as a "condiment."  
Meat, along the likes of pickles, mustard and olives?
In America, meat is the MAIN dish. Let's not even crack into the protein-packed world of paleo.
Tom(and Gisele might we add) follow a mainly plant-based diet. The breakdown is about 80% plants and 20% animal proteins.
Even within that 20%, red meat is very rarely on the table. It's usually fish, chicken, or eggs before it's the "treat" of a cute little steak. Condiment much?
Before your next quadruple-stack burger maybe think how we've been force fed the notions that meat=muscle or meat=iron(in the case for anemic women). It might be that less is more.

4. Water Break

Both the prophetic Sunnah and Tom Brady have a practice of avoiding all drinks with meals. Yes, even water.
"The Tom Brady diet also encourages people to drink plenty of water, but the timing is specific. The plan states that you should drink water 30 minutes before meals and then avoid drinking water during meals and for one hour afterward."
Traditional Islamic medicine, based on the Prophet pbuh's sunnah says the SAME EXACT THING.
The reason here is that drinking at 30 minutes before your meals fills your stomach with water to dissipate thirst. This makes sure your are not accommodating your hunger with thirst.
Why do you want to avoid water during and shortly before and after your meals? The simplest way to explain it, as summarized from Harmonic Healing by Linda Lancaster is your digestion is a fire. Every time you eat you have a fire in your belly.
The fuel for that fire- HCL, hydrochloric acid. The acid needs to stay concentrated during digestion. When your drink water with meals, you're literally pouring out your own digestive fire.
Over time, your digestion becomes weak and sloppy. You're settign yourself up for malnutrition and bloating/gas. Ehhh.
It even caught my attention going to a few Chinese restaurants, that they only serve hot tea, not a 16oz ice water like most American restaurants. While avoiding all liquids is best, if you must skip the ice. Even better, get a warm drink.

5. Nalchohol

While many athletes don't drink, or "don't drink" as I've experienced from being a D1 athlete myself, Tom actually doesn't drink. Neither does Gisele who very candidly talks about her past problems with alcohol in her book "Lessons."
Alcohol became prohibited with the revelation of the Quran. And in verses 2:219 Allah swt states in reference to alcohol “In them is great sin and [yet, some] benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit.” 
We know about resveratrol and forgetting your problems, but at the end of the day alcohol damages your liver, one of, if not the most important organ for well-being.

In Conclusion

Other than not drinking alcohol, these four health habits are pretty niche. I've read plenty of books on all sorts of holistic health and every time Traditional Islamic Medicine aligned with Tom Brady's diet.
Being the curios people we are, we've tried and tested these lifestyle changes, and oh how they make a difference! Say hello to clearer skin, better digestion, and reduced bloating and gas. We're even more hopeful for the long-term.
Fashion equivalent of the Superbowl, here I come!? What's your niche health hack? We want to know, tell us in the comments below!
And Tom, thank you for 22 great years.