Upholding Modesty in 2021: A Reflection

by Cindy Chen

Dressing modestly has been the standard in society for centuries, and not an expectation. Many assume that modesty is only associated with religion. To many people around the world, modesty is an integral part of their lives.  

In 2021, modest fashion means more than “covering up.” It is a lifestyle.

Women face a number of challenges when it comes to clothing- notely the expectation to show their bodies when it comes to fashion nowadays. In this article, we will be reflecting on upholding modesty in 2021. 

Modesty In 2021

When it comes to women who choose to wear modest clothing, many have the preconceived notion that modest clothing is “boring” or “oppressive” or always linked to religion. 

There is even a double standard. Women wearing hijab will often be asked if they are "hot in that". But going out in a tiny dress in 32 degree weather they are told they "look great". 

Isn't it oppressive to say that a women's only power comes from her external beauty? True oppression is when women lack the freedom to choose. 

Why is it women are praised when they show their bodies and attacked when they don't? Shouldn't women be lifted up regardless? And for their character?

If you look at clothing trends today, lingerie, sheer tops and alligator tops are all the rage. The industry for too long has made women feel this is the only way they can dress to be beautiful and powerful. 

We are trying to recover choice in the fashion industry. The scarcity of modest options has some women we spoke with thrifting, shopping from the men's sections or tailoring their own clothes. That's all fine if that's what they choose. 

Throughout the years we have seen fashion trends come and go. We have recently seen a trend in fashion where people are favoring nudity. Although this is liberating for many women, those who dress modestly feel a sense of pressure to “show more.” 

What are your thoughts about upholding modesty in the world that we live in? Let us know over on our Instagram account. 

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