5 Ramadan Recipes From the Average Arab Girl

by Ameera Hammouda

Jasmin Dieb, better known as the “Average Arab Girl” is anything but your average health blogger. She’s currently back in school, obtaining a degree from Simmons to become a registered dietitian.


After a chat with Jasmin, I quickly learned that a registered dietitian and a nutritionist aren’t the same professions. Although both nutritionists and dietitians love to help people with health and wellness, dietitians are licensed and board-certified to do so.


Anyone can be a nutritionist really, but it takes schooling, 1200 hours of interning at a hospital, and a national exam to become a registered dietitian. Just a few years of hair-pulling to learn everything about food and using it to optimize our quality of life!


While obtaining her degree, Jasmin has created an empire known as “Average Arab Girl.” What started as an Instagram experiment has grown into a website, TikTok, and a community of almost 80,000 followers combined!


Jasmin is a Syrian American- Muslim from Massachusetts. She’s an advocate for healthy living and enjoying everything in moderation! Jasmin has curated five of her own recipes suited for the fasting month of Ramadan. These recipes will keep you satiated, energized, and hydrated! Check them out below!



1. Classic Qatayef with Walnuts


These cresent shaped desserts are a Ramadan tradition. Top them with rosewater syrup (what!) and chef's kiss. Learn how to make Jasmin's Qatayef by clicking on the image!


Ramadan Qatayef with Rosewater Syrup 

2. Syrian Stuffed Zucchini "Koosa Mahsheh"

Nothing screams Ramadan more than Mahsheh. Mahsheh just means "stuffed" or "filled" in Arabic. This super comforting dish is loaded with nutrients and can be enjoyed by meat eaters and vegetarians alike!. 


Vegetarian Syrian Stuffed Zucchini "Koosa Mahsheh" in red sauce


3. Chickpea Bulgur Wheat "Burghul bi Hommos"

This might be the easiest thing to make, ever. A prep time of five minutes! Don't let that deceive you though, Jasmin's "Burghul bi Hommos" is simply divine. And as the RD to be herself says "regular consumption of bulgur has been associated with healthy benefits like heart health, blood sugar level regulation, and growth of healthy gut bacteria." 


Bulgur wheat dish with hummus in syria


4. Baked Chicken Kabobs with Saffron Rice and Fattoush Salad

Count yourself in for a treat if you're in the mood for "akla batey," also known as homefood. This is truly an authentic middle eastern dinner to be enjoyed in Ramadan and beyond.


Middle Eastern Dinner with Chicken Skewer Kabobs Fattoush Salad and Saffron Rice


5. Vegetarian Fatteh (Pita with Chickpeas & Yogurt)

An absolute favorite of ours, fatteh is a dish with a powerful blend of textures. You get creamy coolness from the yogurt, salty crunch from the pitas, and refreshing juiciness from the veggies. Fatteh is equally delicious as it is beautiful!

Vegetarian Fatteh Platter


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I’d like to also note Jasmin will adding more Ramadan-inspired recipes throughout the entire month so, stay tuned by following her on Instagram @aeeeraagearabbgiirl_ 

(Jasmin got hacked and hasn’t been able to change her username since)!

*Ramadan Kareem!*