5 Tips To Prepare Your Environment For Ramadan

by Ameera Hammouda

Ramadan is just days away! While it's incredibly exciting, if you don't prepare sometimes it can sneak up on you and you find yourself scrambling to adjust your meals, mindset and schedule all at once. If you've been blessed to live to another Ramadan, make the most of it and use the tips in this guide to make it your best one yet!

There are plenty of spiritual things you can do to prepare, but today we want to talk about your environment. Everything from festive decor to mindful convenience can make the month of Ramadan all the more exciting and impactful if you prepare the right environment. 

1. Define a designated a prayer room

Even if you don't have a prayer room built into your house, you can create your own makeshift prayer room for the duration of Ramadan. Set aside prayer rugs, implant a Quran stand, and even throw up some decor. Use this room solely for the purpose of worship, taraweeh and other forms of prayer throughout the month.

No excuses! Even if you live in a tiny studio, create a "prayer corner". And make it comfortable with a good prayer rug

This will ensure there are no distractions in that environment and make it easier to focus on the goals you set in your Ramadan planner. 

2. Create playlists in advance

One of the major tips in our Ramadan planner is to curate a playlist specifically for Ramadan. This can be finding your favorite Quran recitation. Or you can discover a series that you like.

Alternatively, if there is an aspect of deen you're very curious to learn more about such as the Sunnah or Islamic Medicine-find 30 podcasts on the topic as early as possible and create a playlist. That way when Ramadan does come you have some soul nurturing listens at your disposal for driving, walking, or any idle time.

3. Prepare a special dining set for iftar

This might sound "extra," but having a special set of china specific to an occasion like Ramadan creates a sense of heightened awareness that it is a unique and significant time. It is also a lovely touch when having large iftahrs with guests and something that can be passed down as an heirloom.

4. Decorate

Similar to using special china for iftahr, like our Heirloom Toile Decorative Bowl and Plush Comfort Throw, decorating the space in general helps to set the mood and makes for extra cozy Ramadan vibes all month long. Some of our favorite ways to decorate for Ramadan include:

  • Flowers
  • Greenery/plants
  • Heirloom toile throw
  • Table runners for iftar and suhoor
  • Decorative bowls
  • Solar powered string lights

5. Get scenting

There is a huge connection between scent and memory. According to the National Institute of Health's research on the brain/scent pathway:

Higher levels of odor-evoked nostalgia elicited higher levels of positive affect, self-esteem, self and social connectedness, optimism, and life meaning. Nostalgic scents elicited 3× more positive than negative emotions, and 2× more positive emotions than in a previous study examining music-evoked nostalgia.

Using a scent just for the 30 days of Ramadan can help improve mood, memory, concentration and if used annually-create a sense of nostalgia associated with Ramadan and that scent. So turn on that diffuser or light a candle. We especially love the SEASONS Aero Diffuser, which doesn't require any water and looks like a work of art, or Henry Rose Torn candle for Ramadan.