Transformative Podcasts We’re Listening To This Ramadan

by Ameera Hammouda

In a sea of podcasts, it can be overwhelming to find what you're looking for. We recommend starting the search pre-ramadan and creating a playlist of 30 episodes you'll enjoy to avoid wasting time online looking for podcasts come the time. We've narrowed it down to our top 4 podcasts to listen to this Ramadan:

1. Muslim Central

The one-stop-shop for all things Islam. Listen to speakers from all over the world discuss topics such as Ramadan, fasting, zakat, charity, modesty, education and so much more. Our favorite speaker from the podcast is Yasir Qadhi-you can easily filter out his podcasts or your favorite speakers for no-fuss listening all month long.

We recommend following this channel so you'll get pinged every time there's a new episode! 

2. REP

Another winner from Noor Tagouri, REP is "a story about the stories we tell." Tagouri investigates the intersection of the cold hard truth, objectivity, and media misrepresentation.

This podcast will make your mind churn with questions about the stories we tell ourselves and draw you to find yourself. Storytellers on REP include Bella Hadid, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, Hasan Minhaj and more on this 11 episode series.

3. Tell Them I Am

A limited-series by Misha Euceph having raw conversations with interesting Muslims with even more peculiar, uplifting, and inspiring universal stories to tell. The podcast is about owning your truth, and shines light on how faith shapes and guides our experiences and impacts. 

4. Fast Enough: Ramadan Running

This limited, 3 part podcast is well worth the listen. As the name suggests, it's about fitness during Ramadan, which may seem trivial but actually has a huge impact on your energy and output throughout the month. Preventing both burnout and lethargy are important to maintain a healthy spiritual, physical, and professional capacity through Ramadan.

This podcast chats with three famous Muslim women with demanding schedules who spill their secrets on getting their cake and eating it too(after iftar ofc!)