5 Books For Muslims We’re Crazy About

by Ameera Hammouda

Below are some of our favorite books to read before Ramadan to help get us in the right headspace, they're also a great read year-round!

1. Journey of a Tainted Heart by Mind of Serenity

A collection of short pieces for those who escaped, and found themselves in the wandering. Journey of a Tainted Heart is a collection of poetry and prose for inner growth, providing light to progress in one's spiritual quest. With themes of mindfulness, religion, self-love, loss, and spirituality written by MindofSerenity on the journey of one's self through Islam.

2. The Productive Muslim by Mohammed Faris

Showing the interconnectedness of faith and productivity. Faith is not "one more thing on your to-do list" but an opportunity to help you maximize every single day. Teaches you how to schedule your life around your faith rather than your faith around your life to ensure maximum spiritual and productivity benefits. One of our favorite lessons is learning to use the prayers as building blocks of your day and sectioning your life around that!

3. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

This title is more about faith in general, no matter what religious background you observe, and the creative arts as a vehicle for spreading God's word. You can be a spiritual creative despite what mainstream ideas there are on faith. It's an inspiring interactive read that will show you the connections between faith, self-love, and art!

4. Desiring Light by Ameera Aslam

The award-winning poetry anthology dives deep into the terrains of the heart and showcases the unfiltered emotion we experience in our spiritual journeys. Aslam writes beautiful poetry that will make you reflect and reevalute. Her new book These Ramadan Lights is also a winner (in our books)!

5. Generation M by Shelina Janmohamed 

A deep analysis of what it means to be a young-Muslim in today's world where our faith has been weaponized against us. Shelina critically unravels the myths and mysteries of Muslim youth and their internal challenges and victories.