The 10 Best Eid Gifts For Family And Friends

by Ameera Hammouda

The ultimate Eid gift is completing another Ramadan and hopefully having our supplications answered. But there is also an opportunity to pass along the cheerful joy of Eid in the form of thoughtful presents. Below are 10 of our favorite Eid gifts for yourself or loved ones!

1. Heirloom Toile Decorative Bowl

This XL handmade bowl is a wonderful centerpiece for both Eids and also something to enjoy year-round. The Heirloom Toile print features emblems like dates, lanterns, mint, tea, and prayer beads for a touch that you can't help but smile about.

2. Festive Heirloom Toile print throw

This throw is the perfect piece to cozy up with on a chilly spring evening. Get cozy while reading or lounging, and when not in use it makes a lovely addition to a loveseat.

3. Timeless bone China coffee mug and saucer set

We love our coffee and tea, and some people can never have too many mugs- even though those are the exact people with too many mugs. But this limited edition combo set is definitely worthy of making it into their cabinet and on their table every morning and evening.

4. Heirloom toile cheese board

Serve up dates or kahk on this perfectly themed cheese board

5. Relaxing spa day

Spend the first day of Eid with family and friends, but gift yourself, or someone you love a day of self-care. They can get pampered with a relaxing massage, hijama, or a facial and feel completely anew. 

6. A surprise Eid feast

There are so many food delivery services available today, Surprise someone with their favorites from Goldbelly or a local shop. Check out the massive knafeh from Knafeh Queens or send them their favorites.

7. A donation on their behalf

Everyday is a great day for charity, but especially Eid. While Ramadan is observed for many reasons, a clear lesson to takeaway every month is if you have food, health, shelter, clothing, and loved ones you are already incredibly fortunate. 

Giving back on your own is great and giving charity in honor of someone living or passed is another beautiful thing to do on Eid, as not everyone is fortunate enough to have the means to truly celebrate. Right now Syria and Turkey are in great need of financial aid for earthquake reparations

8. Timeless dainty Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a no fail gift year round! We love the high-quality dainty jewelry from LA-based brand, Costanté

9. A great read

We've listed out some of our favorite reads connected to faith for the curious minds in your life:

  • The Artist's Way
  • The Productive Muslim

Check out the full list here!

10. The Holy Qur'an in Today's English by Yahiya Emerick

Help your loved ones maintain their connection post-Ramadan with an excellently translated version of the Quran. Emerick, a convert, writes the translation in modern English, so it is super easy to comprehend. Top off the gift with a luxurious leather bookmark in Heirloom Toile for a complete Eid gift!

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