How to Style Our Silk Set

by Ameera Hammouda

Our washable silk set is the perfect all season outfit. If you're like us, you believe less is more. You will get many looks by mixing and matching these pieces. We've shared five of our favorite ways to style The Hannah Blouse, Jehan Pants and Molly-Kate scarf. 

The Emily Gilmore Shoulder Wrap

Emily gilmore from Gilmore Girls fashion. Curvy Muslim woman in designer clothing. Modest long sleeve silk top with buttons on matching wide leg green silk pants with black leather purse and black leather sandals.
We have a teensy bit of a Gilmore Girls obsession. Ok, a big one. But don't you picture Emily with this fine silk wrapped around her shoulders?

The Western Warrior

Jess from Toy Story in woman's western clothing. Western hat for women and slouchy cowgirl boots.
Take a trip down the wild west by folding our scarf in half and tying it around the neck. Keep the knot it the back. Pair the outfit with some western ankle boots and a cool hat.

Timeless Hijab

Grace Kelly fashion from the fifties. Fashion icon Grace Kelly in vintage silk headscarf. Hijabi woman in stylish modest outfit for women.

There is nothing more elegant than a woman in a silk hijab. It is reminiscent of iconic 50s fashion muses. Hepburn, Bardot and Grace Kelley modestly tied a silk headscarf over their hair in similar fashions.
Silk is also a healthier hijab choice for your hair (and the earth ;) than synthetics. Silk is hypoallergenic. It won't tug at your scalp, leaving your precious locks protected. 

Misses Sixties Headscarf

Midge Maisel from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fashion. Woman in old vintage fashion wearing 60s silk headscarf to protect hair.

Let's leap ahead a decade. Women of the past used to tie their headscarves like this to keep hair out of their face while enjoying a fresh-air filled drive down the freeway.
Throw on a scarf, pop the windows down and breath that fresh air. Better yet, hop on a bike. Pair this look with some cat-eyed sunglasses for the ultimate retro vibe.

The Sophisticated Hippie

Twiggy makeup. Cher style. 70s style fashion with headscarf. Green silk beachy headscarf for women.

Ok ladies, it's the 70s now. Let's groove. This is a great look for a summer vacation. 

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