Our Favorite Styles From Eid 2021

by Ameera Hammouda

Eid 2021 was filled with stylish Ameera's around the globe. There were a few that stole our hearts, took our breath away, etcetera, you get the gist. Keep reading below to get inspired by these impeccably dressed women. 

1. Mariam Kudsi

The famous TikToker is taking the world by storm. Both for her amazing sense of humor and stylish fits. We love the way she styled this blue sweater for Eid 2021.


2. Maria Alia Al-Sadek

A modest fashion force. Maria Alia actually took our breath away in this stunning abaya for one of her Eid outfit choices. Well done Maria!

Maria Alia modest fashion blogger in shiny green Abaya from farfetch.


3. Leena Alghouti

Leena can make anything look cool. Have you ever seen something so glamorous on a skateboard? Similarly, at Ameera, comfort is key.

We work hard to make sure our outfits are glamorous but have the comfort of active wear. Looking for something that you can look dressed up in, but feels like second skin. We recommend our Hannah silk blouse. Pair it with the matching bottoms and scarf too!

Skating in a suit is encouraged here. 

Leena Alghouti in Ounass silk pyjama set in off-white with black hijab.


Share Your Favorite Looks From Eid 2021

Leave a comment below and tell us your best and worst Eid fashion looks. Eid Mubarak to all!