The Search is Over! Ameera’s Guide to Modest Swimwear

by Laila Musleh

Summer is here, and with it comes our favorite oceanfront days and mocktails in hand. As we soak up the sun, the search for the perfect swimwear begins – a pursuit for swimwear that blends modesty with style.

At Ameera, we understand the challenge of finding swimwear that not only meets our standards of modesty but also one that exudes confidence and comfort. That’s why, we’ve curated a collection of swimwear brands that resonate with our values of sustainability, modesty and more importantly, artistry

Here’s a handpicked selection of four brands that go beyond the ordinary burkini– these brands prioritize fashion and function, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production. Swimwear is not just a summer necessity; it is a reflection of our personal values and a celebration of this exciting season. 

Lyra Modest

Seen at London Modest Fashion Week, Lyra is inspired by Founder, Ikram Zein's familiar struggle to find modest swimwear that reflects both her style and values. Their collection includes a myriad of full coverage swimsuits and separates, including zip-up swim shirts, pants, shorts and skirts, including turban-style head coverings and swim hijabs. All Lyra swim is made from premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with high UV protection

Sei Sorelle

Sei Sorelle prides itself on being a luxury, modest and sustainable swimwear brand. Their swimsuits are crafted from an ECONYL® regenerated Nylon and elastane, emphasizing their commitment to upcycled materials. Their collection features three different burkini silhouettes found in black, purple and blue. A standout feature includes zippered pockets on the pants allowing convenient storage for phones and keys. Talk about practicality without compromising style!


Lanuuk is a London-based swimwear brand. Their pieces span across four different collections, each carrying unique silhouettes and colors, including turban-like head coverings. A personal favorite is the Island collection, which carries earth-toned pieces with cuts and patterns alluding to the flowing nature of sand. Lanuuk’s pieces are produced in the Philippines through a close partnership with a family-run manufacturing team. 

Annah Hariri 

Annah Hariri was founded by a couple on a mission to fuse modest-wear with style. Central to the brand’s ethos are Islamic principles, emphasizing ethical production in their garments. Their swim collections feature full-coverage swimsuits in a range of colors and patterns, offering long-dress, skirt and shirt silhouettes, each completed with a matching hijab.

Speaking of summer... We're living in this set all season