Heirloom Toile is an exclusive limited-edition collaboration between fashion house, AMEERA, and Muslim-American-Pakistani Artist, Emmen Jaan.

Designing with sentimentalism in mind, we developed an original toile de jouy print(a classic 18th century type of printed calico with a characteristic floral/figure format).

You'll find Jaan's hand drawn emblems of Arab culture, Eid, and Ramadan: like dates, mint tea, watermelon, and lanterns embellished throughout.

We yearned to create a print that would relate to our community and would therefore be sentimental, something to transcend generations. We are beside ourselves to create these heirlooms for you, available in a variety of clothing and homeware options to love, share, celebrate, and pass on.

A tree is planted for every item sold on AMEERA and 10% of sales from Heirloom Toile will go towards emergency aid in Gaza.