10 Foods To Keep You Hydrated In Ramadan And Beyond

by Ameera Hammouda

Hydration is key to a successful Ramadan, and a successful life. But did you know that nearly 75% of all adults are chronically dehydrated? There is such thing as over hydration, but chances are you'd fall in with the majority.

According to reports from the National Institute of Health, chronic dehydration can cause a myriad of short and long term health problems. These manifest as fatigue, brain fog, and dehydrated skin in the short term and gastrointestinal, kidney, and even heart problems in the long term. 

That is why it is incredibly important to keep yourself well hydrated, year-round and especially in Ramadan while fasting.

While water is key to hydration there is something even more powerful known as cellular hydration, which is done with food, according to Dr.Murad's water secret

What is cellular hydration?

The science of cellular hydration looks at the ability of cell membranes to hold water within a cell as the fundamental marker of youthful good health and optimized hydration. Think of it as your body storing water within your cells and locking it for use to prevent dehydration when fluid consumption is low, i.e. when dry fasting during Ramadan.

Foods and drinks to stay hydrated in Ramadan 

Below are 10 foods and drinks proven to boost cellular hydration to deliver hydration that your cells will hold on to for a longer rate than water, keeping you hydrated longer.

  1. Ground chia seeds in liquid like orange juice
  2. Watermelon
  3. Cucumber
  4. Celery and celery juice (high in electrolytes which also boost hydration)
  5. Strawberry and other berries
  6. Milk
  7. Fruit infused waters(add fresh cucumber, mint, and strawberry to your water for a delightful hydrating beverage)
  8. Lettuce
  9. Melons like cantaloupes and honeydew
  10. Pineapple