10 Foods To Keep You Full This Ramadan From Suhoor To Iftar

by Ameera Hammouda

15 hours is the average fasting time worldwide for Ramadan this year. While that number may sound daunting, it doesn't have to be. Strategizing your Ramadan meals to keep yourself full and hydrated is key to a successful and hanger-free Ramadan!

Below we've rounded up a listed of 10 filling, nutritious and hydrating foods that will work for you this Ramadan. This list is also super nifty to keep on hand beyond Ramadan for long workdays or just to help prevent hunger pangs and keep yourself satiated. 

All of the foods below have some of the slowest digestion rates, which means they will carry you well past Asr so you can make it to iftar without so much as a stomach growl. 

  1. Chia seed pudding
  2. Whole milk greek yogurt or Skyr
  3. Lamb
  4. Fatty fish
  5. Cheese
  6. Nuts
  7. Seeds
  8. Oatmeal
  9. Chicken
  10. Turkey

Ramadan suhoor ideas with above foods

  • Oatmeal with almond butter and fresh raspberry jam
  • Greek yogurt bowl with fresh berries and oatmeal granola
  • Grilled halloumi cheese with homemade lamb or turkey sujuk (sausage), sourdough bread and unsalted pickled veggies
  • Avocado toast with smoked salmon and lemon zest
  • Roasted chicken panini on seed bread with fresh veggies and creme fraiche spread