5 Life-Changing Alterations To Make In Your Bedroom That Cost $10 Or Less

by Ameera Hammouda

"New year, new me." "I'll start tomorrow." "I don't have time." 

We've heard them all, and said them all but change doesn't happen overnight- even if your highly curated Pinterest feed will convince you otherwise! Dramatic lifestyle changes (both positive and negative) are the result of tiny little behaviors we make everyday. 

Behaviors form from our habits. It takes about 2 months to form a new habit, but we'll give you a technique that can help you form good habits in just days! You might know from experience that habits are hard to change, so, what you really need to be focused on changing is your environment.

Ever noticed how it's impossible to sleep early in a household of night owls or vice versa-no matter your discipline? This is the result of an environment non-conducive to your goals. These 5 small environmental changes below will let you hack your habits and make drastic changes to your life with just small changes that cost under $5!

1. An analog alarm clock (to stop mindless bedtime scrolling)

Get the most basic alarm clock and leave your phone in another room, or better yet on another floor in your home at the end of the day. If you're bothered that you wake up to your phone or spend time scrolling on it before bed, having it well beyond reach will make you much less likely to reach for it.

And having a simple analog means you're less likely to set 20 alarms to wake up, so you'll have to get up with the first ding!

2. Add one plant for every 100 sq. feet (for cleaner air)

A mindless fix that will let you be healthier. A plant won't help you achieve your fitness goals but it is a step toward better health.

Not only are plants full of vibrant personality, they also help reduce airborne toxins by up to 90% according to NASA

3. Dimming lights (to set the mood and fall asleep faster)

If you want to trick yourself into going to bed earlier, lighting might be the answer. Dimmable lights or a special light bulb with a warm finish can help create a shift between the work day and the wind down to help you mentally and physically crave an earlier bed time. 

And with your phone out of the bedroom you'll be in a deep slumber before 10 

4. A cute notebook (to manifest, baby)

If you want to improve certain mental health habits weather anxiety or cynicism, a notebook as a simple addition with tremendous impacts. Use it as a to-do list, journal, sketchbook or upgrading to a full on planner or notebook can help reduce all sorts of mental health habits like toxic self-chatter. 

5. An intentional diffuser and essential oil

Did you know Bergamot oil has proven effective at helping smokers quit? There is an essential oil for almost every habit whether it is addiction, anxiety, or hormonally driven.

Just inhaling or diffusing a small vial of essential oil can help you be more productive, sleep earlier, wake with more energy and hack your habits! We love Hinoki Cypress for overall vitality and classic Rose Otto for an instant mood boost.

Pro tip! Use a nebulizing diffuser like this one to skip the need for water or cleanup from mineral buildup. Plus it looks stunning in any space!