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    Answering Quora's most searched questions about Muslimahs.
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    The day of Arafah is the best day of the year. Learn how to observe the special day here -whether you're at Mecca or at home.
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    2 min read

    Ramadan off to a rocky start? Or just trying to upgrade your Ramadan? We've got seven small steps to make an immense difference in your Ramadan. The month is young. Read the full article to learn how you can maximize each day. Carpe diem.

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    Looking for easy, fast, delicious and healthy Ramadan recipes? Our favorite Average Arab Girl has got you covered. She's shared with us five of her favorite Ramadan recipes that will keep you hydrated and satiated. Check them out.

  6. Our Favorite Modest Looks from Fashion Week 2022

    2 min. read

    Fashion week 2022 did not disappoint. See what our fellow designers served on the runway this year.